Sunday, September 05, 2004


I made it. This hostel is, if anything, stranger than the one in Kyoto -- and given that I`m sharing it with a Brit, two Irish chaps, two Germans, a Russian girl and an Italian girl, this stay is likely going to do more for my German and Italian than for my Japanese speaking abilities.

And yes, I sleep in a tent. On the balcony. Connected to the house via a window into someone`s bedroom, through which I have to climb each night and morning. I haven`t met him yet, but I hope that happens sooner rather than when I pop into his shower in the morning. Poor guy. There`s also a rumor of cockroaches. Keep praying.

P.S.: Mt. Koya was lovely, though, entirely worthy of a separate entry -- and that will happen shortly, together with the Dummies` guide to Japanese baths and the top ten ways to tell you`re in Japan :D


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