Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Sad happens.

Today I was sad.

There really is nothing else to report.

I won`t be leaving Tokyo tomorrow after all; the cost/benefit analysis for going to the hot springs just doesn`t pan out. I will, however, leave Thursday morning and spend the night at Fuji-go-ko, the "five lakes" region below Mt. Fuji. I made my first purchase of the trip today as well -- Japanese paper (the best in the world) and a simple set of watercolors (... my old ones are either lost in storage or else dried out beyond comprehension ...) Don`t get your hopes up -- it`s been a few years since I`ve done any kind of serious painting. With any luck, though, there`ll be some amateur paint splashing while I`m away.

Saturday night, I`ve been conscripted to go to dinner and karaoke. Not the worst way to spend my last evening in Tokyo, especially not when in good company.


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