Friday, September 03, 2004

Pandering to the Questioning Masses

So, a not-to-be-named young lady inquired whether there might not be any non-creepy guys in Asia. The reason for the question shall remain shrouded in mystery -- surely not even our favorite church could be scarce enough in the "single young men" department to cause anyone to leave the country?! (... and Wade, why aren`t you doing your "connecting" job?! ;)

The answer, is simple: Yes, Virginia, there are hot guys in Asia. The best spot for guy-watching I`ve encountered so far is the IFC (International Financial Center) tower in Hong Kong -- a wide selection of mid-twenties to mid-thirties single men of different ethnicities, each of them impeccably groomed, beautifully attired, internationally versed and top-of-their-class ambitious. As we used to say -- the Ivy League look :D

And now you know.


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