Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A Minor Foretaste

Here are a few, a very few, of my Asia pictures. A more comprehensive spread is in the works, thanks to savvy friends of mine.

The Lakes at Mt. Fuji.

Tiananmen Square, Beijing.

Prayerrequests tied to the branches of a tree at a Shinto Shrine in Kyoto

Sunrise over Tokyo, 5:30a.m. See, the crows didn't wake me up for nothing.

An image from Beijing's forbidden city. The lion is one of a pair that shows up quite frequently in Chinese art and architecture. This one's the male of the pair, holding the world under his paw. The female has a cub under hers whom she's said to protect.

Gravemarkers in the river at a Buddhist graveyard at Mt. Koya. The wooden boards are supposed to mark the graves of nameless aborted children and drowning victims.

The Kyoto Train Station -- a controversial architectural marvel.

A young mother with her child lost in prayer at a temple in Bangkok.

Leaves at a Zen Buddhist temple in Kyoto.


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