Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Creep Squared

I haven`t updated the creep counter in a few days. Suffice to say, though, it is never wise to come within five miles of a city`s red-light district. Especially if that city is Tokyo. As I was making my speedy retreat, I was for the first time thrilled to not understand half of what was being said to me ... only that it was being said to me by 70-something grandfathers. I believe I was scarred for life.

To add to the scarring, drying laundry in this country is apparently a Catch-22 -- the laundromat dryers are too weak to do any good, but when laundry is hung out to dry, girls` underwear apparently has a habit of mysteriously disappearing. I don`t want to know where it goes or what happens to it (... in fact, I really don`t want to think about it ...) but I suspect it probably qualifies for this entry.


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