Saturday, September 25, 2004

0 Minus 40 Minutes

Alright, friends, I'm once again -- for the last time for at least a little while -- in the Hong Kong airport awaiting boarding. When I booked a 36 hour lay-over in Hong Kong, I figured I'd not bother to arrange a hostel for that night and would just wing it -- and indeed, I winged (wung? wang? ;) it. Hong Kong, being a rather wealthy city, is terminally short on hostels offering dorm-style accomodations: After a few phone calls, I settled on a room at the YWCA -- a single with shared bathroom for a very reasonable price. I have to note at this point that after a month of low-privacy living, it felt rather odd to have a bedroom to myself -- and perfectly natural to share the shower. (The logical conclusion here is that I need to start sharing my sleeping and bathing quarters once I return to the U.S. Interested parties may submit resume and recent picture to my e-mail address. ;)

The day itself, much of which was spent in the bowels of Kowloon, especially the remarkable Jade market, are another post entirely, but suffice to say that when I arrived at the airport a couple of hours ago, my person and luggage were subjected to scrutiny just short of a cavity search. Whether it was my attire (on the far end of "casual"), my attitude (suspiciously serendipitous), my behavior (randomly sproinging in line) or my passport (European -- no comment necessary), *something* about me screamed "potential threat to the American people." The end-result was the removal of a pair of nailclippers from my carry-on bag into my checked backpack; no grave loss, although my ability to fly the friendly skies free of potential hang-nails has been greatly diminshed. Let's hope that this constitutes *all* of the searches I'll have to put up with for this flight -- otherwise I'll have a fair bit of explaining to do once I get to L.A., thanks to some of the requested and un-requested presents I'm carrying ;) In eotjer case, God willing, I'll be in California by Saturday evening, and back in circulation by Sunday. Cheers to you!


At September 25, 2004 at 8:24 PM, Blogger Ella Quint said...

possible threat to the american people indeed! i'm so glad you're back! can't wait to see you!!!!!


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