Sunday, August 01, 2004

"Silly Caucasian Girl likes to play with Samurai Swords."

*grin* I think I must either have a death-wish or love a good story just too much ...

Things are slowly coming together:

I've got accommodations in Kyoto, where I'll be sleeping on on the Tatami Mat Course (... read: a hallway with sleeping mats for intrepid backpackers with sleeping bags) here. After about five days in Kyoto (not nearly enough time to see this splendid city!) I will probably take a couple-day jaunt into the countryside and spend the night at a Buddhist temple. An overnight trip should take me to Tokyo, where I'll be sleeping in a multi-person tent on the roof of a gaijin house ... I'm a touch worried about the quality of sleep I'll be getting, but when will I ever have the opportunity to sleep on a Tokyo rooftop again!?

I'm hoping this will leave me time for a night-climb of Mt. Fuji. Beyond that, though, I have no set agenda at present -- there's certainly more than enough to keep me occupied for weeks in Tokyo and Kyoto, and I have another month to put together a rudimentary "must see" list.


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