Monday, August 23, 2004

3 days and counting ...

I'm a big fan of rollercoasters. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I'm first in line to hop onto one of those deliciously twisty-turny-scary rides. If you, too, are an inveterate coaster-rider, you may be able to relate to the following experience as well: Once the ride has begun there comes that moment where your fragile little cart begins to ascend a terrifyingly steep slope -- you can only imagine what drops, of cart and stomach, lie ahead of you, and in that moment begin to curse fate and your own stupidity for getting on the ride in the first place! Insanity! You're paying good money for having your insides twisted in ways nature never intended! What if the ride breaks?! Get me out of here, someone, anyon---aaaahhh!

I'm leaving for Asia in just barely more than three days, and I'm coming to appreciate aforementioned experience in all new ways. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

P.S.: Last but not least, a big hello to all my new readers -- whose existence I know by faith rather than by sight, since this blog is still largely a comment-free zone. :)


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